Serenity's Beautiful Females
Meet our Nat & Int Ch. Serenity's Luck be a Lady Tonight
She is our beautiful bred by and we are very proud of how she is maturing and we are are looking forward to seeing what she will produce for us. She is the daughter of Kahlua and Whisper and has the best of both parents. She is the epitome of the word Lady. She is very sweet, playful and beyond loving. She loves to be groomed and shows off all her beautiful bows. She is very happy just laying in our lap, in fact she doesn't leave us alone until she she gets her way.

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Lady's Awards & Ribbons
Meet Nat & Int Jr Ch. Serenity's Whispering Winds 
She is the Daughter of Casper and Emmy, the Mother of Lady, and is the first one to hop in your lap to give you love and kisses. She's so much like her Daddy and she has passed that amazing temperament down to her offspring. She is a total joy to have in our home and she has stolen our hearts. She is a great Mommy and never wants to leave her babies, in fact she still licks and cleans Lady. Whisper will be retiring in the Spring of 2016.  She has produced beautiful babies and once spayed has earned her right to live like a queen here at Serenity forever.  

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Whisper's Ribbons
​Meet Perfection de la Grace Melody, AKA Mel
Melody is a very calm, sweet and loving girl. She is the quiet homebody. She loves to play outside but would rather be in the house getting all the attention. If she had her way, she would have you pet her all day long and every day. Once you stop petting her, she's trying to lift your hand to continue petting her again. She is going to be such a great Mommy. She's just a gentle soul and we are looking forward to seeing what she produces for us.

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Here at Serenity Biewers we take great pride in caring for our babies. The health and well being of our dogs is of the utmost importance.  Not every girl will make the cut for breeding, as we are striving to better the Biewer breed.  We look at the structure and their temperament, but health will always be first.  All Serenity Biewers are DNA and Liver tested, and undergo health screenings to ensure they are in the best of health. We only breed our girls from the age of 2 years to 5 years and usually only once a year.  After we retire our girls, they are spayed and placed in a wonderful home or go to live with a family member or stay with us here where they will remain spoiled princesses forever.  

Below you can read about our beautiful girls and see many photos.  We only breed three girls at a time and on this page you will be introduced to our present breeding girls, our beautiful retired girls and our future hopefuls that are presently being evaluated.

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Meet Benefit of Gold, AKA Raven, our Jr. Champion
This is Benefit of Gold.  She is a gorgeous girl with beautiful dark rich coloring, hence the name "Raven".  She has a beautiful structure, well set tiny ears, beautiful top line and a wonderful sweet temperament. She is a very showy girl in the show venues and loves to strut her stuff in front of the judges and they love watching her too.  She earned her Jr.Championship in September 2016 at the Biewer specialty in Birch run, MI and took the show by storm! She will be working towards her adult title in 2017 and we have no doubt she will rock the ring as she's done in the past. We are very excited to see what this beauty will produce for us in the near future..

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Retired Females

Meet our Nat & Int Junior Ch. Emmylou of American Biewers
Emmy is now retired and the head Matriarch here at Serenity Biewers. Emmy is the Mother and Grandmother to our Whisper and Lady on this page. She is the definition of sweet. She has brought us so much joy and we love her to pieces. She has produced some gorgeous babies for us and has been a great Mother and still continues to be a wonderful and loving Grandmother. She now spends most of her time laying in our laps, especially Johnny's, as she is a Daddy's girl. If she's not in Johnny's lap you can find her laying by the fireplace.

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Emmy's Ribbons
"La Petite Alluring Ava Rose"
This is our first Biewer girl. We fell in love with her the first time we saw her pictures and couldn't wait for her to get here to us. She was beautiful, but it was her eyes. Her eyes reminded us of a white baby harp seal that sometimes seem like they are looking into the depths of your soul. Although she has been retired for years, she still gets in with the newer mammas and their puppies trying to help them out with licking, playing and lots of socialization. She now spends most of her days just chilling on her favorite cushion on the couch acting like the princess we think she is. We love her to pieces and so does everyone who meets her.

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Updates coming soon

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Updates coming soon

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